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KIKO DOEs for sale

One yearling 50/50 doe available and also 2019 purebred kids available.  NKR registerable, dual purpose blue-eyed, tri-color yearling; 50% kiko 50% mini-nubian exposed to Iron Horse grandson.  Also taking orders for 2019 Purebred kids.   One doeling is completely black, birth weight 5.9# can be registered PB. See pictures on website rainsfreedomfarm.weebly.com or call for more information NC Oklahoma  580-362-7561.   031319

2019 Kiko kids for sale. Cody-Sanja Midnight sire – Outlaw dam cross.
NZ and 100% purebred. Accepting depositS to reserve purchases.  
www.cedarbluffranchkikogoatfarms.com. 318-426-9313.     030419

75% and 88% Kiko Does and doelings.  Some with young kids.
$l50-$350. Call Delma, 706-829-2444, near Augusta, Ga.    030419

2019 kidding season is in full swing here at TMC Goat Ranch.  Currently accepting deposits to reserve purchases. Don't miss out on these 100% NZ Doelings. Pineview, Ga. Call Tom 727 470 4607 or Lee Ann 727 280 3075.  021119

5 100% NZ Kiko Does, NKR registered, DNA verified, exposed to 100% NZ NKR Registered Kiko buck, R. L. Peacock,
ph 912 381 1015, Broxton, Ga.    112918

Kiko Bucks for sale

Unregistered Buck. DOB 01/05/15. Sire 100% NZ, has Goliath, Goldmine and other strong ancestry. Dam is 75%. Similar ancestry. Beautiful strong large copper-colored goat. Located in Delaware. $350. 302-228-4509.  031919

2019 Purebred Bucklings-Both are from an Iron Horse grandson.  One light gold, birth weight 8.25#.   Both parents have excellent bloodlines and are DNA tested Purebred.  Black and white, birth weight 7.8# registerable PB.  See pictures on website rainsfreedomfarm.weebly.com or call for more information NC Oklahoma  580-362-7561.   031319

Two yearling sons of GFI Rolling Meadows 81 (Mr. Speckles) by a GFI Terminator's XXX daughter. White buck is $1200; tan buck is $900. Northeast OK. Call Rick Harms (918) 803-2425.  031219

Two 100% NZ Bucks, 14 months old, sired by Calvin - son of Waysu Goldminer's Heritage. Call Delma - 706-829-2444.  Near Augusta, Ga.   030419

Two 100% NZ Bucks available at 500 dollars each.  They are one year old and sired by SAF Macho Kodak son of TMK Macho's Black Guy. Pineview, Ga., Call Tom 727 470 4607 or Lee Ann 727 280 3075.  021119

OutLaws Butkus. Purebred Kiko Buck. Asking $800 OBO. Born 02/21/16. Is a Triplet. Has made great sized kids and beautiful tri-colors. Last Kiko goat left, getting out of the goat business. Located west central Indiana. Call or text 765-398-0821.    123118


Avid EZID handheld microchip reader.  Used, like new (used for only a few months on a small herd under 20). Works great!  $225 shipping included. E-mail with any questions to joywigginton@gmail.com. Located near the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  011519

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