The National Kiko Registry was created to give Kiko breeders of every size and management style the opportunity to register and track their genetics through an independent, professionally run livestock registry. With this in mind, the National Kiko Registry is poised to move the Kiko industry into the future.

our benefits

Our personnel have years of experience in the goat registration industry and are ready to work with all Kiko breeders — whether veteran producers or those new to the business.

NKR has developed new registry software that is unique to the goat industry and will make record-keeping and registration easier than ever.

Because every farm and management style is different, NKR allows each breeder to decide the extent to which they want to track the genetics of their Kikos — from breeders of parentage-verified 100% New Zealand Kikos to producers of commercial herdsires and replacement does.

Less paperwork to register and transfer goats. That means less time in the office and more time in the pasture.

Direct access to the registry office via e-mail and telephone. Get your questions answered fast.

Easy transfer and registration of goats and their offspring from all Kiko registries. This lets producers maintain all of their Kiko pedigrees in one registry for ease of access and uniform acceptability.

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